Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Have you figured out the second head fake?

Pictured: Randy Pausch

 Photograph taken from: http://www.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,1826574,00.html

I remember when I was searching for the man most famous for the title of this post, the late Randy Pausch.  I made sure that I was reading almost every piece that I came up with his name on it, until I came up to an article that was written in his honor in the Time Entertainment by Nancy Gibbs.

“Did you figure out the head fake? It's not about how to achieve your dreams. It's about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way ... the dreams will come to you. Did you figure out the second head fake? The talk's not for you. It's for my kids.”
Randy Pausch

I just had to reflect on myself and wonder if I had really figured out the second head fake, have I done enough to make sure that I was leading a life that shed light towards the right path.  I remembered, from where I am at this present moment, I am slowly leading my life the right direction.  I have found the second head fake, for I was able to have my first qualification at the age of 21years.

I am leading my life towards the right direction, because I have managed to achieve a number of my goals and dreams; I have made my family proud of me and I have made myself proud.

Monday, September 10, 2012

That Other Love

Photograph By: Zandile Mcinziba

What do you do when you get into a shop and find a shoe in one of your favourite colours? Do you dare yourself into buying it no matter what the colour might be, or just go for another colour?

I found myself in an awkward position before I decided on owning these two beauties, didn’t want to buy them because of the brightness of the colour; but an advantage was that it’s my favourite colour. I fell in love with them in an instant; they truly are my other love.

I am…ME?!

Photograph By: Zandile Mcinziba
I am my mother and father’s daughter, granddaughter to the two most humble and funny grandparents in the world; sister to my siblings, nephew and niece to my aunt’s and uncle’s, aunt to the most adorable cupcakes (niece and nephews) in the world and friend to the craziest friends in my life.

The shy girl when meeting people for the first time, so hard to even laugh with because she has that serious face of unease since she’s not used to being around the people she is with. The girl who loves laughing so much that when you don’t know her you would think she has lost her mind.

I am ME, so full of life and love for my family for I am where I am today because of them; for if it wasn’t for them, I would not have been able to be writing this article at this present moment.

I am Zandile Mcinziba; a friend to many and a girlfriend to that one special man in my life.  I am one person who is so curious about life, especially about politics and our country. I am…MEJ!!


Photo taken from:

My true definition of happiness may differ to what other people think it is, and how they define it; for we all have our own interpretations of what certain things are and what they mean to us.

It’s one of the things I can’t really explain, I can’t put the meaning into words or even how I feel when I am happy. It is the craziest feeling that makes me smile nonstop, laugh in a funny way that sometimes amazes me as well.

It’s the most complicated feeling I still find it hard to explain, but yet leaves me feeling so good that I wish at times I would forever have be happy.  This is happiness to me, unexplainable; but yet makes one whole inside and short of words to express the feeling.

A Skill Set Called Leadership

Some people believe that they were born leaders, to some it comes naturally and some it’s forcefully set as part of the characteristics that define who they are.  Surprisingly enough, there are those who became leaders through being taught what a leader is; and how a leader is supposed to conduct him/ herself.

Leadership is a skill that enables people or leaders to be able to influence others, sharing common goals and values in order to reach or fulfill a certain task.  It is a skill set in order for people to be taught the values and characteristics of being a leader, it is how people are made and shaped into becoming influential people in the society.

It takes great initiative and effort being made a leader, than being born a leader.


Photograph by Zandile Mcinziba: Nontando Nkuna (left) and Zandile Mcinziba

That one special person you are never ashamed to call your friend, you can run into her for bail out if you are broke, unless you are both broke and there is nothing you can do about it but rather laugh at each other for being in the same situation. To me, all the crazy and small things are what make our friendship sp special.

The languages we speak are different, yet we try so hard to accommodate each other by trying to learn the language; and laugh at the mistakes we make in pursuit of knowing the language still.  That’s how special this friendship is to me; for I know you are not only a friend, but a sister to me.

You are one friend I am so thankful to have in my 4years of being a student at CPUT, a true friend you have been all these years.

What Motivates Me

Photorgaph taken from: http://www.squidoo.com/motivational-and-inspirational-quotes2
Waking up everyday knowing that there are people already looking forward to see my face, hear me laugh, hear my voice and see me smile is part of what keeps me motivated and positive minded each day.

My family is the foundation of where my motivation comes from, and the support system I have been exposed to all my life. It doesn’t really matter as to what job they occupy or what they are doing in life; all that matters is what they did to get where they are today, it is the effort they have put in all the hard work and the values that have made them to be the people they are today.

Sharing the same goals and understanding with a very special person in one’s life is also what motivates me; that one person whom you consult with before making decisions knowing exactly he would still support your decision even though you had contrary views, because your happiness matters too.

It doesn’t take all the luxuries in this world for a person to be motivated, but a lot more than that.